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Heavenly - Ladies 7


The idea for this boot came flooding to my mind not that long after my dear Father passed in January. Typing that out just now feels so unreal and so very painful. I've been thinking a lot about Heaven and what that must look and feel like for him. He always encouraged me to do more "tall" boots but until now I lovingly disagreed. So Daddy I dedicate the prettiest collection I've ever made to YOU.  I have no doubt you filled my mind with this new collection. Details: Vintage Circle S White Lizard Skin boots left tall, front "V" cutouts with flower crowns, back lined with small flowers and clear gemstones, polished off with my tattered silk ribbons. 

Perfect for the bride to be, engagement photos, bridesmaids, festival goers, or simply pair with cutoffs to make a Romantic Flowy Statement. 

*Read 7.5 at the bottom but fit like a 7. Made in Brazil.